What is a Wealth Platform?

Many people have a series of investments that can be hard to track as they may be with different financial institutions, different asset classes, or taken out at different times. Having all of your investments under one umbrella makes them easier to manage. While there are various options available, an investment platform could be the right choice for you. Investors can check the performance of their portfolio where prices are updated daily, giving them the peace of mind which everyone seeks.

Why choose an investment platform?

Investment platforms are a “wrapper” for the money you have invested, regardless of stocks and shares, funds, commodities or even cryptocurrencies. They have rapidly increased in popularity in recent years and are now the favoured way of investing in the UK. For example, they have several advantages over other wrappers such as bonds, as they generally have lower management and transaction costs. They can also be managed online and give you an accurate picture of your overall wealth, allowing you to make sound financial decisions.

What are the advantages for an expat?

Almost all investment platforms have multiple currency options, allowing you to take advantage of currency fluctuations. In addition, they open the door to a world of opportunities for an offshore investor, giving access to funds that aren’t available domestically. You will be able to trade a comprehensive range of assets and have total control of your portfolio, and all this can be done anywhere in the world with internet access via a secure online platform.

Are investment platforms a secure way to invest?

The investment platform which we use is a secure online platform that uses encryption. Your funds will be ring-fenced from those of the platform, so your funds cannot be used to pay their liabilities if the platform goes into liquidation. We conducted extensive due diligence and have selected a financially sound platform with an impressive $11.5 billion worth of assets under management.

Of course, having this amount of assets under management means that some of the world’s leading financial institutions are willing to offer discounts due to their purchasing power. These discounts are then passed onto investors, allowing them to gain a better return on their Investment. So naturally, the platform cannot protect you from market fluctuations of individual assets, but a diverse portfolio will help mitigate the risk.


One of the major advantages of an investment platform is that they are transparent. You will be able to monitor the costs, which can be carefully explained by our team and given to you in writing. The costs fit seamlessly with our existing charging structure, thereby lowering the cost of managing your portfolio and ensuring that you never have any nasty surprises.

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