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We all talk about saving for our future, making the most of those investment opportunities that come our way, but do we?

A recent article we published showed that the average household savings amounted to £6,757; they also told us that one-third of the population has less than £600 and one in ten have nothing.

These statistics are mind-blowing, something that I think once read will make people wonder about their plans and what they should do to start planning.

So, what should we do? How do we go about setting our goals?

Quite simply, the best starting point is the first paycheque; even if it is a small amount, put some aside to start the process of deducting money from your income. If you can do it the first month, it becomes a natural occurrence every month.

Savings and investments should be dealt with as two independent solutions, first the savings for the short-term goals you have planned, maybe a new car, a house move or a dream holiday. It could also be to prepare for the children’s school or university fees.

The way forward to save is to make it a regular pattern within your finances, not necessarily an enforced method, but something that you can control and make sure it happens.

Flexibility is critical with these types of plans; look for low-cost charges, strategies that allow access and also where you can add or decrease without penalty. These types of schemes allow for you to have the ability to make plans without restrictions to your financial well-being.

Talk to us to find out more; being in control has never been so easy.

Investments are designed to take capital amounts and invest in growth or in providing an income. Depending on your strategy, you may wish to have a growth portfolio. If you are nearing retirement, it may be helpful to use income baring stocks and provide a level of security to the retirement plans you made.

Either way, we believe that a flexible, transparent approach is best, having the ability to monitor your portfolio 24/7. So investing now can be simple, easy and above all, controlled by you wherever you are in the world.

Of course, if things were this easy, we would all have a plan, and the figures mentioned above would be fictitious. So why do we fail to plan? Many try to save too much and end up cancelling their plan. Some invest, but only small amounts and prefer to live life to the full, spending their hard earnt cash on life’s little luxuries.

We need to take caution, saving what is affordable, with clear plans on what we wish to achieve. Risk comes into it, so does greed, which is part of what makes people do things and how they approach saving and investing.

We like to take the straightforward, slightly more transparent approach. Make sure it’s affordable, know the costs and keep it simple. Sticking to a plan makes sense for you as the saver and for us as the adviser. However, knowing what you are achieving, understanding how it works, what needs changing and when to change; make it all the more transparent.

At the centre of what we do, savings and investing, is our goal, Corestone, with you every step of the way.



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