Our Investment Process

Here at CoreStone, we believe that your investment should be dealt with using a multi-discipline strategy no matter what the value. In doing so, our strategic and tactical asset allocation takes care of how we actively manage the risk in our clients’ portfolios. We can achieve this by individually tailoring each portfolio using our core-satellite approach.

The CoreStone Process

Each portfolio starts with our approved listing of mutual funds, ETFs, and bonds, and these are our core holdings. As we seek diversification in all our holdings, we allocate the investments across asset classes, sectors, company holdings and more. With this approach, we can reduce risk and look at holding positions for the longer term, allowing you to achieve your financial goals.

The satellite holdings have a different approach, looking where possible to blend non-correlated assets, using alternative funds, structured notes, and low income/interest-bearing bonds.

With all of the above helping to provide attractive investment options for our clients, we keep a sharp focus on managing risk and minimizing volatility.

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