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The basic principle of this financial plan is that people should think about protection first, for their immediate requirements, should things go wrong in the near future. But, unfortunately, the emergency fund is often forgotten because it is thought of as only “rainy day” money.

The significance of having one in place means that your immediate liabilities are taken care of in the event of Ill health, loss of a job or any significant expenditure that you do not have the capital to cover. Some people think of their Credit Card as the emergency fund, which in some cases is fine; others think of it as a debt and therefore steer clear of this option.

Plan for the future before taking care of the immediate needs is somewhat “cart before the horse” technique. If you have the unpredictable covered first, you can budget for the predictable events in your life.


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The Corestone mission is to guide our clients through uncertain times with professional financial advice ensuring they make the right decisions to secure their financial future.

Our 5 Point Plan

1 – Emergency Fund

Ideally, an emergency fund should be in a ready-to-access account with instant access, usually a bank or savings deposit account. The aim would be to hold approximately 3 to 6 months net income.

2 – Personal & Family Protection

We recommend using personal and family protection that would include health insurance, life assurance and, for some, income protection in case of sickness or long term disability. In addition, you should fully cover any loans; this reduces any drain on income for loan repayments.

3 – Pension & Retirement Plan

A pension and retirement plan is essential as age catches up with everyone, and you’ll want to prepare sooner rather than later. Starting a pension plan early is our recommendation; no matter what you save, just as long as you keep it reviewed and invest as a percentage of income, you will hopefully keep up with your earnings over the years. We recommend annual reviews at this stage to keep everything in line with Inflation and your earned income. You’ll need to arrange a private pension scheme for those not fortunate to have a plan available at work.

4 – Savings & Investments

Savings and investments are an essential next step in our 5 point plan. Savings are for the mid-term to long term plans where you save for accruing asset value, then the investments take care of that hard-earned capital and make it work for you. Both areas are periods in your life when you have managed to work out your budget, have decided on a goal and then plan how to get there.

5 – Wills & Estate Planning

Lastly, we look at how to protect all the assets, what to do if an early death happens, and how to mitigate any Inheritance Tax if the asset value is above the Countries limit where you are domiciled. These plans are most effective and sometimes looked over as thought to be too complex.

Next Step

Of course, this should always be used as a guide only; everyone has different needs, so a personal review will help you put together your 5 Point Plan. With Corestone as your Wealth Advisers, every decision is an informed decision.

Client Testimonials

Peter Robinson

I have held my investment holdings with Corestone for six years. In that time, I have watched the funds grow steadily while having the assurance that they are actively managed to take advantage of market opportunities while protecting against fluctuation. Craig and his team provide first-class service with clarity and vision.

Steven J. Marshall

Craig has taken extreme care of my investment portfolio for the last 15 years and has always been transparent and honest at all times. He is most knowledgeable in the financial and offshore markets and makes beneficial changes in a calculated, well-thought-out manner. I highly recommend anyone seeking help and advice to contact him for a chat, and he is always obliging.

Simon Quiqley

Craig was recommended to me by a colleague as an experienced professional IFA working within an accredited organisation. I have now been working with Craig and his team since 2016 and would highly recommend their services. They have helped me rearrange my complex portfolio into a consolidated and well-managed platform that facilitates visibility and growth control year on year. The services provided by Craig and his team are highly professional, backed up by Craig’s extensive IFA experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Craig and Corestone for the services they offer.

Simon Greenwood

Craig and his team at Corestone have advised me on investments and financial planning for four years after I became dissatisfied with my previous advisors. Craig is always open and honest with his goals for the portfolio and explains the reasoning behind his decisions. His transparency is second to none, and I’m never pressured into decisions. His personal touch is also invaluable to me, and I look forward to many more years of dealing with Craig and his team.

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