Frequently Asked Questions

As with Inquisitive children, always asking what, where, when, how and why, we feel adults should do the same. Our FAQ’s should help you find out what we do and what we are about; what is different at CoreStone? As with Technology, we are continuously developing and changing to keep abreast of the times we are in.

Why CoreStone?

Why be the same as everyone else, why have a website the same, why do the same as always before? Well, here at CoreStone, we aim to be different. Our goal is to keep things clear and transparent, with a focus on Treating Customers Fairly. With easy-to-understand fees, no exit penalties and an agreement signed before you proceed. You know from the outset exactly what you will enter into and how much it costs.

How do you charge for the advice?

Simple, we have a fee agreement for our Platform account; this is based on a sliding scale, dependent on Investment value. All discussions surrounding our fees are provided in writing before deciding, thereby enabling full transparency in what we charge for.

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Are there any exit penalties if I want to stop early?

No, we operate a fully upfront charging structure that eliminates exit fees. Charging this way helps build trust in knowing that whatever the valuation statement reports are, that is the value that you have available should you need it in an emergency.

How do you look at Investment Risk?

Your risk is centred around the level of income required or the growth of capital. If the request is too high, we will state that to you and look at what can be achieved based on market conditions. All research is discussed in full, and the options explained before entering into a Portfolio. For any risk that goes beyond our standard risk analysis, we would ask that you sign a disclaimer covering the risk you are prepared to take.

How can we check our investment plan and its value?

We operate a back-office software program that holds all the customer’s Portfolio values; when you become a client, the login and password details are automatically forwarded to you. You can then access that log in through our website.

How often do you send out statements?

We send out statements each month, and this comes with a monthly market overview.

What else do you provide for the fees we pay?

In conjunction with the monthly statements, we also provide Quarterly market commentary, which looks at what has happened and the thoughts for the next quarter. Six monthly reviews and rebalancing to maintain the risk profile of your portfolio, then an annual overlay review to support the strategy for the year ahead. Whilst sending this to you, we also meet face to face or by Zoom to review your portfolio, constantly updating and adjusting the plan to meet your goals.

Can I visit your office?

Yes, we are more than happy to have you visit us; we have a modern meeting room with a large screen to share your plans, eliminating the need to print and waste paper. Any visual statements can then be sent as PDF.

Why do I have to provide so much personal information?

Consider a visit to your doctor. Without complete and wholly accurate details, your doctor cannot prescribe the best course of action. The same applies to financial planning. To obtain the best service for your “financial health,” you must disclose all details and specifics.

What is a Platform that you talk about?

When your Wealth Manager recommends you use a platform to look after the administration processes of transaction recording and financial reporting for your investment portfolio, they are talking about:

  • The efficiency of administration (because of the facility to report on multiple investment accounts in one report),
  • The flexibility of investment (because the platform operates as a wholesale manager of investments, facilitating access to various investments that would otherwise only be available to High Net Worth investors: without this flexibility, the diversification opportunities for your portfolio would be limited) and
  • Simplified and convenient online investor-monitoring of (often) daily valuations of the portfolio.

Corestone has access to award-winning investment administration platforms, allowing them to transact for clients using only those in their best interest.

If I become a Corestone client, can I contact you whenever I want?

Of course, you can. We are here to help you, and we are always on hand. However, depending on what you might need help with, there may be additional charges. We are passionate about making the costs for our services transparent, so you will always know what any charges will be in advance.

How do I get started?

Please contact us for an initial meeting. It will be held at our office and will be at our expense. The meeting will enable you and us to decide whether we wish to work together.

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